CPU Holders

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Lift CPU


Designed to enhance any office environment with its modern design and compact features, the LIFT CPU support offers a simple yet robust solution for keeping the CPU out of the way and free from damage.
Poised under the desk, LIFT improves the CPU performance by providing proper ventilation and allowing hardware to stay cool, promoting a longer life for CPUs. It allows CPUs to stay off the floor where dust accumulates and valuable computer equipment could be damaged. Made from high quality aluminium for improved lifetime longevity, the width can easily be adjusted and locked using a lever. LIFT uses an internal spring to lock the CPU in its vertical position.
A full 360 degrees slide and rotation feature makes LIFT the only choice for your next CPU holder.

Loop CPU


The Loop CPU holder is a strong and lightweight computer workstation solution for CPU storage. Environmentally friendly, it comes in the smallest box possible to minimise logistical costs and packaging waste. Quick and simple to install, the Loop computer stand has a black strap to house the CPU which creates minimal visual impact on the workspace.
Loop is a simple space saving solution to remove the CPU from the desk and floor, away from potential damage from dust, feet and vacuum cleaners. The glass filled nylon body can be fitted directly under the desk, with an optional slide and rotate mechanism if required.
Loop supports the CPU by webbing, which is tightened by a ratchet mechanism and is fully adjustable.

Slide & 360° Rotate
Min CPU Dimensions
280 x 55 mm
240 x 80 mm
Max CPU Dimensions
380 x 125 mm
500 x 225 mm
Tensioning System
Spring Technology
Belt Ratchet Tension
Max weight
8 kg (subject to desktop material)
15 kg (subject to desktop material)