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Zgonic Monitor Arm


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A new class of monitor arm. With its innovative design and cutting edge technology, Zgo sets a precedent in bringing an ergonomic experience to discerning users. It has highly flexible adjustments to fit you comfortably. Simple installation and high adaptability with different monitors are further testaments to its design with you in mind.
Monitor cables are cleverly contained, retained and hidden from sight. Its compressed spring provides a balancing force against the monitor weight (range: 2.5kg/5.5lb to 9kg/19.4lb). This allows the monitor to "float" and be adjusted effortlessly.

Flo Monitor Arm


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The world’s market leading monitor arm, Flo’s unique design offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor arms.
Flo’s primary purpose is to support a single screen/monitor but due to its ingenious design can be easily customised to support a laptop, tablet or thin client. Perfect for use in any office or workspace, the Flo monitor stand is a truly ergonomic product. The unique range of design features provide an unrivalled user-experience that improve health and well-being while increasing work efficiency.
The Flo technology support system offers a range of solutions designed to meet the technology challenges in the commercial office environment. Be it single or dual screen, large screen formats or newer technologies such as tablets or thin clients, the Flo family of monitor arms provide an unrivalled ergonomic solution.

Neutral Bouyancy Arm


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The Neutral Buoyance arm offers flawless ergonomics for the end user and makes adjustment a breeze. Each arm on the single and dual monitor arm kit is equipped with a gas strut mechanism which counter balances the weight of the screen which makes adjusting the height of the screen and effortless process.
Designed to suit up to 27” screens and featuring integrated cable management, the Neutral Buoyancy arms offers full articulation through 3 pivot points. A bolt through or clamp mounting option in the box means perfect positioning for the end user.
Available in White or Black finish, the Neutral Buoyancy monitor arm will suit any work environment. Backed by a comprehensive 7 year guarantee.

Technical Specifications

Load Range
3 - 9 kg
3 - 9 kg
3.5 - 8.5 kg
Vertical Adjustment
267 mm
341 mm
220mm (excludes post adjustment of 200mm)
Cable Management Type
Hidden via removable inserts
Three point cable management system
Inbuilt cable management points
Tensioning System
Spring Technology
Patented Geometric Spring Technology
Gas Assisted
Mounting Type
VESA Mount
75x75 / 100x100
75x75 / 100x100
75x75 / 100x100
White / Black / Green / Blue / Red / Orange
White / Silver / Black
White / Black
Aluminium Cast / Plastic Inserts
Aluminium Cast / Plastic Inserts
Steel / Plastic
Optional Accessories
Twin Arm (for dual screen)
Quad USB Hub
Laptop Tray
Dual Arm (for dual screen)
Laptop Tray
Dual Arm (for dual screen)
Laptop Tray