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Are You?

♦ Part of a government organisation?

♦ An organisation of 50+ employees?

♦ Requiring 20 or more units?

Why ActivDesk?

• ActivDesk supplies sit stand desks and standing desk units to a vast array of clients throughout Australia.

• ActivDesk cares about the state of Australia's health and safety, especially at work. Sit stand desks and standing desk units are the best start you can give to taking care of you and your employees health and safety at work.

• In 2012-13 alone, Safe Work Australia estimates that the cost impact of work-related injuries and illnesses was estimated to be just over $61 billion. It's not just about giving you the right tools to work better, it's about giving you the right tools to live better.

• Productivity, mental health and physical well being go hand in hand and studies show that height adjustable workstations are a huge part in supporting this pivotal balance - that's why we offer special pricing and unique opportunities for larger organisations who match the criteria in order to help those companies take care of their employees.

• We care about you and your employees health, that's why we take the time to really listen to your requirements and tailor our solution to best suit your needs. Whether you are an employee, OH&S representative, HR manager or a director - we make sure you and your team are well taken of.

• Often, thanks to our extensive national customer base, your company might already have an account with us and be entitled to unique special pricing and offers. If you think you might be an existing customer or if you have a project coming up and would like some more information, simply fill in your details below and we'll contact you to discuss potential pricing and opportunities that might suit your situation.

• Our Government and Special Project Pricing is aimed at helping companies throughout in Australia make the right call for their employees and transitioning to height adjustable sit stand desks and standing desk units. The benefits far out weight any of the negatives. Give us a call now and see for yourself.

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